Cheers to McFaddens / part II

Here it is!  Part two of Matt & Heather's special day!  As mentioned in part I, the reception was held at Matt's family farm.  

As you can tell from these photos, the weather was perfect (except for a chilly breeze every once in a while).  Earlier in the week the weather called for a lot of sun... which to everyone else was happy news, but for me, I was less than anticipating it.  After visiting the reception the day before (at the same time we would be taking photos the next day) and the sun being very bright, I just started praying for clouds; I didn't care if they were rain clouds, I just wanted clouds... and as you can see, everything worked out perfectly!  I was kind of on cloud nine the whole day because of this.  Oh, and when the clouds parted for an exquisite sunset?  Yes, that was a happy moment too.

Yet again, sidekick (aka second shooter) credits all go to Kelsie of Kelsie Johanna Photography!  This girl was amazing not only the whole day, but the whole week.  She flew up from Charlotte, NC and helped photograph the details, brainstorm, plan, and be an awesome friend full of encouragement.

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