Cheers to the McFaddens WEDDING / part I

This wedding was kind of a dream.  The style of the wedding was (if i can be clique) "on point" and the way it was curated by close friends and family made the day all the more special.  Heather happens to be my amazing (graphic designer) cousin so it was it was exciting to see her and Matt's relationship unfold through endless family gatherings.... and let me just say now, Matt and Heather are basically a photographer's dream.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they are the kind of playful and laid-back couple that aren't afraid to show each other they care for one another with a camera in their face.  

And now a few words from the bride....

"We found inspiration in how we met, where we grew up, and of course our adventurous spirit. Almost instantly we agreed on a small enchanting wedding - at the same church that my parents were married, and a sophisticated yet gritty gathering at Matt's family farm. Once the venue and date were set a frenzy of planning and curating was set in motion. 

Let there be tradition...
in the enchanting church and on the farm surrounded by bountiful fields.

Let there be a nod...
to our adventurous Up spirit in the balloons and a wink to our old souls.

Let there be a love story...
woven in every detail from the hand crafted invitations, stunning bouquets, to the bold chocolate wedding cake.

Let there be family...
filled with many talents and blessings on the day of....and all the days before it and to come."

Below is the first of a II part series.  I can't wait to share the second on thursday, so stay tuned!

P.S.  Shout out to my wonderful friend and fellow photographer Kelsie of Kelsie Johanna Photography for flying up and assisting and being an amazing friend/second shooter!


  1. This is so sweet! Making me all nostalgic because that was such a fun day!

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