Friday Introductions

Hey you!  Today I thought I would share a few words about myself for you to get a better idea of the girl behind this blog.  I wish we could get to know each other over fruit smoothies, but alas, all we have is this place for now.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little more and don't be afraid to leave a comment below telling me a little about yourself!  I would love to hear who you lovely readers are.
I've always been the quiet girl in the room.  Observing people and not speaking unless someone initiates a conversation is my comfort zone (it's a work in progress to overcome this).  I may be quiet if I don't know you, but if I do know you, you can bet that I will hum in your presence, make stupid and sarcastic remarks, most likely make you food, talk about traveling, and shoot you (don't worry, the camera kind of shooting).
I have only cried while watching two movies, I guess you could say I'm hardhearted --- fresh flowers in the house make my soul happy --- I love to grill --- I can't snooze my alarm clock and go back to sleep like some of you crazies out there, when I'm up, I'm up --- Expectation: 5'7, Reality: 5'3 --- When I was thirteen I wanted to be a cake baker... --- ... I don't like cake --- Salted dark chocolate caramels are yummy --- I feel best when I'm productive --- letters vs. email/text? letters! --- When I concentrate I tend to scrunch my eyebrows together and look kinda mean --- I want to go to a symphony --- I kind of really want to bike from Normandy to England (yes, it's possible, check this out) --- This summer I started running and love it -- I'm unsure of the future --- I make daily lists --- I believe it is perfectly acceptable to eat breakfast foods for supper --- I want to live in an old pretty country house someday (as you can tell from my Pinterest) --- Slow days are good days --- I have wanted to cook a lobster for far too long.

You can call me Jo.

PC: A fellow lover of plants, Sarah.


  1. I relate to being quiet and observing other people (which is actually a lot of fun). I also empathize with knitting your brows while concentrating + eating breakfast foods for supper. Egg frittatas for dinner are amazing!

    blessings, Gabrielle

  2. Come visit me and I'll take you to a symphony!!!

    (did I ever tell you I wanted to be a cake baker, too? I even took classes. haha!)

  3. Hello! I have just come over from the Boyer sister's blog, where Charlotte mentioned yours! I too am 5'3, love fresh flowers and symphonies (Even had the privilege of playing second violin in my college's performance of Dvorak's New World Symphony) and dark chocolate [salted] caramels. I wish I made lists, and have cried at more than two movies, but not too many more. Nice to meet you! :)

  4. I found your blog from Delight. I would love to bike from Normandy to England some day! And running is the best. :)

  5. We sound *so* similar - except that I AM 5"7 hehee! I've only cried twice while watching movies (literally) and fresh picked flowers and no snooze buttons describe me FAR too well.

    Loving your blog & photographs oh so much!