A Man and his Man-bun

I'm sure you've heard of "the man-bun", right?  Well, today I'm here to share with you a recent shoot  that I had with my man-buned brother.  He's a sculptor, designer, creator... so the man-bun just seemed natural for this guy's eclectic style.  At the beginning of school last year he decided to be brave and endure weird looks that friends, family (and I'm sure strangers) gave him as he embarked on the man-bun trend.  10 months later, beard, bun, bam.  Now... I've never been a fan of big beards and man-buns, but somehow Isaac was able to pull it all off without looking too much like a hobo, thumbs up to him.  

I am not too sad to say though, that this photo shoot was a farewell remembrance to the now non-existent beard and bun.  Yep, chop chop.  We realized that we needed one last shoot not only for old times sake but also so we could curate photos around the man-bun style.  Then these images were born.  We ventured our way to an industrial location that would fit the feel and style that we wanted to portray, which just so happened to be the steel fabrication company that my dad works at.  The location worked out well and gave some wonderful surroundings (even though at some moments it seemed to overpower the photos).  Oh, and did I mention that I had to keep my shutter speed at roughly 2000 most of the time?  (If you aren't a photographer you're probably thinking, "so?", but if you are a photographer you're probably sending me virtual sympathy pains, thanks.)       

side note: all of these images are taken with my new Sigma 85mm 1.4 that I mentioned in this post.  Thank you so much for those of you who commented with interest in hearing about my thoughts on this new lens!  I'm so excited to write up the post, but want to have a good understanding of the lens before I do so.  Please stay tuned!

Oh, and yes, your eyes are not deceiving you... that is not only a man-bun, but a braided man-bun. 

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  1. Yeah, your bro has style.

    "Oh, and yes, your eyes are not deceiving you... that is not only a man-bun, but a braided man-bun. " <----- yes, haha.