Sarah - greenhouse adventures (portraits)

This girl's pretty grand.  Not only does she have stellar cheekbones and pretty hair, but she also has the most contagious laugh and sweet disposition.  It has been so fun to work with her this past spring at a local greenhouse. We have had so many awkward, hilarious, and just plain "strange" experiences together...  The strange experiences being, for instance, the customer that asked for sheets that "look like fake Easter grass" to put on soil to keep it moist... if you're wondering, yes, we were utterly clueless... and no, we did not have any.  

I asked Sarah if she would stand in font of the camera at 7:30 in the morning a couple of weeks ago and she actually said yes (with some help from coffee I promised to bring her)!... ;) Check out some the results above and below of this s'wonderful soul!   

p.s. Sarah, thanks for staying friends with me in spite of my constant (and horrible) singing and humming.  I just can't help singing singin' in the rain when it's raining... Oh, and thanks for taking me to my first play, which I will always remember for multiple reasons.    

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  1. I love the yellow dress with the green hues of the green house! The pictures make you believe that she has a "contagious laugh."

    blessings, Gabrielle