This summer I resolved do some things differently.  Previously, I thought that summers were for recovering from the school year and for doing whatever caught my fancy.  This did not benefit me in the least, but made me frustrated when looking back at my summer breaks.  I was tired of it.  I was tired of not being what I wanted to be. I wasn't organized like I wanted to be, I wasn't healthy like I wanted to be, I wasn't productive like I wanted to be.  So as I dreamt of summer days this past semester, I made up my mind that I was going to change my fruitless habits.  What was I going to do differently? 

#1.  be committed to making my life more organized, productive, and balanced.  
#2.  make lists, lists, and more lists.  
#3.  stick to the lists.         

I think each of these steps are vital and all take on the same importance.  In the past I've had good intentions on being more organized and productive, but nothing ever came to fruition --- this is when #1 comes into play.  I've realized you have to be committed and really want and be willing to change for any change to really take place. 

client meeting attire:  shirt - Jcrew Factory,   cargo shorts - Jcrew,   earrings and necklace - madewell,   belt - gifted,   glasses - Warby Parker,   tote - gifted,   coffee - Kava Haus (aka the only coffee shop in town)
Lists.  Simple right?  It can be, but only if you're committed. It might seem all fine and dandy for the first couple days of list making, but it's easy to find yourself looking at and making them less and less.  I must warn you though, once list making becomes a habit, it can become quite addicting.  First it started with a large summer goal list, then a list of things I wanted to learn about, and then a daily planner that holds each "to-do" for my days.  Am I sad that I'm now a crazy list maker that likes to write everything down? Nope, quite the contrary.  It's "refreshing" to know exactly what I have to do in a day and fulfilling when I draw a line through each completed task.  Oh, and it's nice to have a peace of mind knowing that things are actually getting done.

Before making the decision to change my habits, I would easily become depressed thinking of what I needed (and wanted) to get done but was letting procrastination stand at the forefront of.  I'm happy to say that that is not the case any longer.  People, I'm getting things done!  I'm making tallies to insure that I'm drinking plenty of water each day, adding simple healthy changes such as stretching each morning and walking/running in the evenings, chipping away at business goals (website, business cards...), and completing simple mundane tasks that have to get done (such as keeping up with my budget that I'm mighty proud of).  All of these simple changes have made me more confident, excited, and happy to complete what is before me.

So today I want to encourage you to spend your days productively.  Live each day God has given us to the fullest, doing the work that He has given us to do and living the lives that he has called us to live.

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