What do I want my photographs to evoke?

I promised myself this evening that while I was waiting for my sister at soccer practice, I would treat myself to writing a post on this ol' dusty space here.  This has been something that has popped into my head lately and that I have had the urge to do.  I don't know if it's just because I don't want to learn about p-hats and z-scores in school or if it is something that will lead into summer as May 5th (the last day of school) quickly, yet somehow slowly, approaches.  I guess we shall wait with anticipation and see!   

So let's talk about slowing down and how this translates to what I want my photographs to evoke, shall we?  Hopefully it is more interesting than what the previous sentence made it out to be, fingers crossed...  In today's culture busyness has been adapted as a way of life.  If we're not busy we must be lazy and unfulfilled.  Hah!  Don't get me wrong, it is wonderful to be busy, but there is often times when we just need to stop, gain perspective, and appreciate.  

This is what I want my photographs to evoke.  When people see my images I want them to want to slow down.  My hope is that my images are so intimate, natural, and detailed, that people stop to notice and appreciate what they (the images) are trying to translate.  I want people to look at one of images longer than 1/10 of a second.  I want my images to be captured of people in a moment... mind you, not a moment of them thinking of when they can leave or how it is unfortunate that they are having a bad hair day for the photos.  I want my sessions to be a time for seniors to reflect on how much they've grown through high school, or for a newly engaged couple to appreciate the one standing beside them.  These are the moments I want to capture.

photographers (uniteeee!): take the time to think about what you want your images to portray to others.  Doing this myself has made my photography vision so much more clear, and I'm excited to finally put a "label" on my goal for my images.
non-photographers:  slow down a bit.  Now, don't take this as "you should sleep until noon and accomplish nothing".  No, no, take it as a reminder to portion a small chunk of your day (without technology) to write down your thoughts and gain perspective.

Sorry if this just seems like a jumbled mess!  You can blame my very sporadic brain *cheesy smile*.
Oh, and I'm watching Anne of Green Gables.  Gilbert, come back *sobs*.

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