Matt + Heather // One Autumn Day

In the future, I would like to post more of my work at this little place.  Not only for future clients to see more of my photographs and to get a better idea of my style ect. but also to write down my thoughts on what I'm learning so that I can continue to grow and improve my "artistic endeavors"... hopefully my life will allow for this!  

For now, I want to share some images and words about this sweet couple.  Heather is my cousin, my graphic designer cousin that has killer style.  So by looking at this good-looking couple, you can imagine how I felt when I found out that they were engaged and wanted me to do their engagement and wedding photos!  Happy dances, crazy squeals, nerves, yadda yadda yadda.  We planned a shoot for a perfect Autumn day, one part done at 8:00 in the morning and the other as the sun was setting.  The day was crisp and pretty perfect except for an occasional tendency of harsh light.  I remember when I first started taking photos, I never thought about light (most of my photos back then makes that obvious!) Now, light is always on my mind because I have realized what a huge part it holds in a photo.  I believe it is such a special component that should be used to it's fullest capacity.  Ooooh, that moment when the light is buttery and golden or when it's just coming over the horizon (yeah, I'm crazy about light).  And when I know the light is ridiculously gorgeous?  I'm happy.  All of this is not to say that good photos can't be taken on an overcast day, because that kind of lighting has a special place in my heart (as you will see in my next post!).

Hm... I kind of got off topic didn't I?  Well, Heather and Matt were complete naturals which made my job enjoyable.  They were comfortable with a camera in there faces at all times and made each other laugh by making mustaches out of branches and by making jokes out of our everything.

Struggles?  The only struggle was the dust from the (very dry) bean field.  It made for difficult camera focusing but wasn't unbearable, just a little annoying at times.  

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from this shoot!  Oh, and are there any photography posts that you would be interested in (my struggles? techniques?)


  1. Your photography has come such a long way since I started following you! Your photography is so gorgeous! Great job!

  2. Techniques, struggles, anything!! I love to study your images and learn from you. SO wish you could second shoot for me at this wedding in May. Oh and IN LOVE with these images, great job, as always! Excited to see where 2015 takes you.