Into The Wild Winter Greens

Sometimes my brother models for me... and when I mean sometimes I mean like almost every time he comes home from college (once a month).  I like to make pretty pictures and he doesn't put up much of a fight to do so.  Our styles are similar in the scense that we like different, outside the box... but not like out-of-this-world crazy mind you.  Because of this, he's basically willing to do and try anything.  Sooo yeah, I guess you could call him my ginny pig, right?

This past fall (AH! it's 2015!) Isaac grew a substantial beard and continued to grow out his hair for a man bun.  Considering he looked like the epitome of "in", I told him we needed to do a shoot.  It was kind of a spur of the moment thing that I'm glad we did.  Right down the road from where we live are some awesome icy blue evergreen trees that I had my eyes on (yes, didn't you know trees move???) and thought this shoot was the perfect opportunity to "test them out".  Well, we got there and tons of kids were waiting there to be picked up by their parents.  Needless to say Isaac didn't really want to model in front of all of these 5 year olds... so we improvised.  Close enough to the evergreen trees but far enough from them, we found this winter greens bush pictured above and below.  Before I continue I just have to say that winter greens? --- I love them.  Ah, they smell so good and are so festive. When I have my own house, for the holidays I'm going to fill it with fresh homemade wreaths and garlands.  Okay, continuing.  This shoot was very quick but I'm satisfied with the results.  I love having stylized shoots like this because it really pushes me in defining my style and adjusting to different surroundings.

The lighting during this shoot was cloudy but it still gave even and bright light.  No shadows was a plus... but I wasn't guaranteed any "buttery" sun rays or golden light.  This was the challenge.  I find it hard to create images on cloudy days that are still unique and use the light available to its full potential.  I chose to embrace the even light, focus on my subject, and give my photos a more flat and film-like appearance through post-processing.  I mentioned in my last post that I have a soft spot for this "boring" light... why?  Well, I love how this kind of light makes the images so simple and focuses on the subject 100%.  It's a challenge, but a good challenge.    


  1. Wow, these are beautiful photos! I love the lighting in the last one.

  2. great experiments! the second photo is awesome. new portrait fad is coming i sense!

  3. beard + hair + sweater, SO ON POINT.
    these are epic.