four eyes in -10 degree weather

I got glasses!... and I'm not sad about it in the least.  I know some people cross their fingers, wishing that they'll always have perfect eyesight and not have to get glasses, but I was never that person.  When I was younger I would secretly wish I had to get glasses. Silly me.  As the years went by I realized the stupidity of wishing to have glasses but made my mind up that if I had to get glasses, I would be okay.  This past summer I knew my vision wasn't 100% but didn't realize that it was a nuisance until I started driving home in the dark from school. "Yeah, I should be able to see that."  So, I went to the eye doctor, was told that I needed glasses, got my prescription... and then started the fun part --- shopping for glasses.  If you have to get glasses, you might as well get pretty ones right?  Right.  The quest began!  

Three of my older siblings have Warby Parker frames, along with my two sibling-in-laws, so it was a given that I would shop there.  Can I just quickly add how intimidating shopping for glasses is? Buying a pair of frames that you will have to wear all the time and with every outfit for at least a year?  No pressure, hah!  After much debating, I finally narrowed down my search to five pairs from Warby Parker and ordered an At Home Try-On.  I love this part about Warby Parker; not only do they provide beautiful (and inexpensive) frames, but let you test them out for yourself before you commit to a pair.  Two thumbs up for Warby Parker!  After basically driving myself crazy trying to decide between two pairs (these and these), I finally nailed down my decision; Holcomb was the pair for me.  The unique tortoise color and the "different" (yet classic) shape sealed the deal. I've now had my glasses for over a month and can safely tell you that I like being a four eyed girl... 

These photos? Hah.  The fact that it was -10 degree wind chill weather made the whole situation slightly amusing.  I asked Isaac (my brother that you often see modeling for me) to take the photos considering that I thought trying to take the time to set up a tripod was complete ludicrous.  After he consented he proceeded to tell me that he had to leave in ten minutes.  After hearing this news, I started running to my room like a mad person to get some nicer clothes on (considering I didn't really want my sweatpants and teeshirt to make an appearance on this blog).  *cough cough*  As we opened the door to the arctic, we instantly became numb to all feeling in our bodies, and *click click* (and a few more clicks later) we ran back to the house like desperate and feeble human beings.  Yep, I think that was a new time record for a shoot.

(The fact that my hand is blue in the photo below clearly interprets the weather we were experiencing)   

Oh, and if you managed to read this whole post, kudos to you dear person.

coat-  Target,  sweater- Thrifted,  pants-  Jcrew,  booties-  DSW,  glasses- Warby Parker,  midi ring- Nordstrom


  1. Simply fabulous! Oh, and four eyes suit you, m'dear :)


  2. This is so cute! I love the neutral-ness of you outfit, and the glasses are awesome. :)

  3. you look absolutely adorable! i first got glasses when i was 9 and i was so overwelmed on how much better i could see, that i didn't even mind wearing glasses. now that i've grown up with glasses for the last eight years, i can't imagine not wearing them. yay for glasses!
    (also, your sweater is perfection.)

  4. This is adorable! I just love the glasses!

  5. Now that I have contacts and I can switch between those and my glasses, I'm starting to see glasses as an accessory (since my eyesight is so bad that I have to wear something all the time). I love that pair on you! Super cute post.


  6. They're so cute! they look GREAT on you!

  7. LOVELY! i always sort of wished i had glasses when i was younger, too. but now i've always been told i have "perfect vision" and both my sisters have to wear glasses sometimes. funny. but these shots are wonderful!

    1. Abigail don't let your "perfect vision" stop you from wearing glasses. I'm sure you still would like to wear glasses at least part time. I'm sure you're very aware that you could easily go to a boutique and buy a fake pair of glasses, but the problem is you don't want to admit that your glasses are fake. Here is the answer for you. Go online to "zennioptical.com" pick out the glasses you like and then order them with a simple -.50 SPH in both eyes. That is a very weak prescription which you will be able to see perfectly with and not do any harm to your perfect vision. (retired optician)

  8. I found your comments about getting glasses very refreshing and why not? Glasses have really become as much of a fashion accessory as an aid to see better. it is easy to see in the pictures that your completely confident wearing glasses. I'm sure you enjoyed all the wonderful complements you got when you were seen wearing glasses for the first time.

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