Mary + Cody = my favorite images ever. bam.

Hello, hello!  I wish I had more time to dedicate to this little ol' place of mine but right now it just doesn't seem possible.  School starts next week and my sister and her family are leaving on Saturday (and my brother who's heading up to Hillsdale for his second year of school), so to say it has been busy would be correct... And besides all of this I've been keeping busy with various photography sessions. So for now I'm going to try to do what I can and hopefully blogging will fit back into my life when summer ends and the normality of fall begins. This summer has been wonderful but I'm looking forward to fall...  what can I say, I like predictable. ;)

So, like I said... I've had a lot of photography engagements this summer and if you've visited my Facebook page lately, you've probably seen some images of this lovely couple that are featured below.  I like these people... who just so happen to be my sister and brother-in-law.  They're quirky, fun, have great sense of style, and obviously are natural born models ---- with all of these awesome qualities mixed together + amazing 7am light, the results are my favorite images ever.  These photos make me proud of my work, which is hard to come by for this perfectionist self.  

We began our little photo extravaganza early in the morning behind my cousin's house (who just so happens to live literally right through our woods).  It was the perfect place for the first set of these images.  The surroundings were ideal and the light (oh, the lllllight!) was crisp, warm, and "buttery" (yeah, I bet you've never heard of light described as buttery have you?  Neither have I).  Then later in the morning we went and visited our only coffee shop in town (feel sorry for me please, you people that have 5 coffee shops in a 10 minute radius from you).  The coffee shop was interesting to say the least.  It had some eclectic charm to it but with a few "interesting" add-ins, like the purple cheetah print couch and christmas mugs for mid-July, but non-the-less, I liked it and the coffee was good.  

It was so fun to have this little photo adventure.  It not only resulted in my favorite images but it was an ideal experience all around.  Enjoy!



  2. GAH girl! These are amazing! I love the one of them in the field with the flowers! Great job!

  3. They look Aaaawwwsssooommme...! :) So profesh Jo, and the lighting, just buttery.

    Too cool to see such amazing work from a good friend who lives right up the road from us. ;)

    Smiles and laughter,

    The eldest sister & singer

  4. these are so dreamy. like holy cow.
    and i see gorgeousness runs in the family too, dangggg.

  5. Oh my goodness, I just love these pictures! The lighting is SO beautiful and both the pictures and the people look just like they popped out of a magazine. :)