Sunday's Best - Birk Style

dress // Old Navy,   shoes // Birkenstocks,   belt // Target

Hey world.  Let's just pretend I didn't take a 2 week hiatus from blogging and that I've been having a s'wonderful relationship with blogging and that I'm consistent, okay?  The truth is that life has been crazy (crazy being an understatement) and I really haven't been super inspired to blog.  I haven't been making any new mind-blowing concoctions or wearing fancy halo braids, I'm just sittin' here editing photos from recent sessions and doing daily "things".  My sister and her family got back from a year in Germany a couple of weeks ago and are staying here for the next month.  It's awesome having them all here, but it sure can be a little overwhelming having so many people around for my introverted self.  So if I'm kind of in and out of this place for the next few weeks, do not fear, I will back.  But! let's not dwell on that... but these Birkenstocks... because birks are worth dwelling on, dontcha ya know?

If you've read this previous post, you probably know that I've been patiently awaiting these Birkenstocks to come with my sister from Germany (since they're way cheaper in the country they're produced in).  Well, I guess it was quite the adventure getting these beautiful shoes, but alas, they're in my hands... or should I say 'on my feet'?  I've been a little smitten with these birks (I sound like I'm in a relationship with my shoes.  I need help.).  I've worn them to the library (to get the first Hunger Games), to the Kroger's Red Box (to get the second Hunger Games), and to an engagement session (I felt so cool).  We went to a rose garden for part of the engagement photos and I wanted to so badly take a picture of my birks with the pretty roses, but didn't want to be one of "those" people (that I totally am).  Ooooh, well...  So this past Sunday for church I just had to coordinate an outfit that could specially be worn with my Birkenstocks, hence these photos.  


  1. these are just the loveliest pictures, I swear. and I love birkenstocks-- so casual, yet european + classy, you know? enjoy your stay with your family! xx

  2. Well, you finally got your babies Jo. Congrats! I have to admit they are a very nice, sleek pair, and of course, they mach your casual style perfectly! Cool stuff!


    The eldest sister & singer

    P.S. Where oh where did you find that Hibiscus bush? What an awesome backdrop!!! Very Pinterest-like, and best of all the light pink in the flowers couldn't be more beautifully married than with the color of your black frock. Sweet!

  3. so adorable! seriously. you're so cute- it hurts.

  4. Hello…a new reader here. What a great outfit! I had a pair of birks years ago that have since become to small…so sad. These pictures are making me think that I need a new pair. I saw a fabulous turquoise pair on ModCloth that I'm eyeing.