Frizzy Hair and Miss Audrey

Summer is here.  Which for my hair means, poof!  I might as well be one of those animated cats that comes out of water and ends up looking like a huge fur ball.  Yes, humidity and 80 degree weather? I'm not a fan.  With my hair being so frizzy and me being too lazy to straighten or curl it, I've been sort of feeling out of the loop with what to do with my hair (except for this one hairstyle, although we must have more than one go-to hairstyle mustn't we?).  Last night I read this post from A Beautiful Mess and it has re-inspired me to get creative and not be so lazy when it comes to my hair.  So here I go, off to come up with a hairstyle for these hot summer days!  What are some of your go-to hairstyles to beat the heat?

Audrey.  Do you know to which Audrey I am referring to?  If you don't, you know very little about me.  If I mention Audrey, it must be Audrey Hepburn, for she is the lady that I'm sort of obsessed about and inspired by constantly.  So if your news feed becomes bombarded with all things Audrey, do not fear.  In fact, I have an Audrey inspired post in the works...  What are some of your  favorite Audrey films?  I must admit, I have a special attachment to each and every one I've watched so far.  Roman Holiday- feeds the "adventurous" soul in me, Funny Face- inspires the creative senses, Sabrina- ...makes me excited to learn French all the more, Charade- reminds me why I don't like thrillers yet how I love them when they include such actors as Carey Grant and Audrey you-know-who... and as for the rest of her films?  Well, I haven't gotten that far.  My Fair Lady here I come!    Top two things I love about Audrey Hepburn: her eyebrows and her style.  Seriously, have you ever noticed how thick and "strikingly" beautiful her eyebrows are?... Yes, I have eyebrow envy.  And her ever so classy style?  Yes, I like that too.  

As of late I'm usually not one to go towards bright colors, but this outfit was an acceptation.   I feel like there is no in between when it comes with my clothing style.  An outfit of mine either has to be completely neutral or (occasionally) bright and crazy.  Yes, there's no normal for me.

Photo credit: my sister Lydia

dress// Macy's,  flats// hand-me-down,  hairband// Jcrew
The photo to the right was taken right before a storm hit us.  I know I look so calm in the photo... but I wasn't.  I don't mind storms but if they have questionably dark and fast moving clouds, that's the point I run.


  1. Lovely, Jo! The combination of the neon yellow/green in your flats with that dress is so fun!



  2. That is a great dress. I'm very picky about stripes, but those are exactly the kind I like.

  3. I love the photos, the color, everything! Audrey Hepburn is my favorite! :) I just love Funny Face and Roman Holiday... I don't think that I could pick one over the other for a favorite. :)

  4. oh man, i'm so with you on hair vs. humility. headscarves and buns are your saving grace.
    and audrey....gahh, she's the epitome of class and elegance. i think "roman holiday" is my favorite film of her's so far. and my fair lady ranks up there pretty high, so you must watch that one!
    these photos are just fabulous, girl. you're a complete beauty!

  5. Yikes, that's a storm worth getting chills over! But you got some lovely photos, so kudos to you for your bravery. ^-^