Hello, hello!

Hello and welcome!  I'm so glad you happened upon this little place of mine and am excited that JC blog is finally up and running for you all to see.  It has been a long time coming (almost a year of preparing and designing) but, no more waiting... it's here!  So let me give you a little introduction to myself and this blog.

My name is Joanna (sometimes Jo or Jojo) and I'm the girl behind this blog.  I like simple things, good food, pretty places, and capturing beautiful moments for people to look back and reminisce over.  I live on a small dairy farm with my family in Ohio and dream of traveling.  Actually... I am coming back to blogging!  I was the author over at "I Love..." before I wanted to take a break and eventually start fresh.  At this place you will find a lot of good lookin' food to try for yourself, snippets of my life, a few tutorials here and there, tidbits of my journey as a photographer, and beautiful things that I find worth sharing. Please take the time to explore around!

More to come soon, but for now, here are are a few links I've been loving lately.
this simple and easy to follow tutorial on how to curl your hair to get perfect, loose curls.

Are you as much of a Audrey-fanatic as I am?  Then I think you will enjoy these 20 facts that you probably didn't know about her...  

Speaking of classiness... I'm in love with this textured all black ensemble.

I've been thinking it's about time for me to try and make biscotti's, so I found this recipe for triple chocolate biscotti's that looks super yummy.  Can't wait to try them out soon!

Here are 10 basic clothing items worth checking out for your next adventure.


  1. Yay, Joanna! Welcome back to the blogging world :)


  2. I'm just going to start out by saying, one, YOU are adorable and I'm having hair envy (is your hair naturally curly?)
    TWO, YAY for the new blog! I'm so excited for you and this new start. And I'm excited to read your as-always fabulous posts.
    THREE, the design is spectacular. s'wondeful and s'marvelous!

    so I think I'll sum this all up by saying: *in miss charming voice* YIPPEE!

  3. FACT: biscotti is one if the easiest things in the world to make, and yet people are always super impressed with you if you make it. Also, you've got to get the black birkis. I am digging b&w like woah these days. Love the new look!

  4. Yayyy, welcome back to the blogging world! And I absolutely adore the design. Your emblem/logo is fab.

  5. yayayayaya! Happy to see you back!

  6. yay! so excited about this! your design is awesome and you must make biscotti (!!!)


  7. Hello back! I agree with Haley . . . make biscotti. :)

  8. Welcome back to blogging, Jo. I love your design, for sure. :)

    Naturally Jes

  9. Looks great Joanna! Welcome back!

  10. Yay! Welcome back, Joanna! I love your new site xo