Josh & Tirzah's Snowy Morning // Hillsdale, MI

I'm so excited to share this lovely wedding with you all.  It was one of those happy affairs that just makes you feel good inside (as I edit and look though these photos I can't help but smile).


Cheers to McFaddens / part II

Here it is!  Part two of Matt & Heather's special day!  As mentioned in part I, the reception was held at Matt's family farm.  

As you can tell from these photos, the weather was perfect (except for a chilly breeze every once in a while).  Earlier in the week the weather called for a lot of sun... which to everyone else was happy news, but for me, I was less than anticipating it.  After visiting the reception the day before (at the same time we would be taking photos the next day) and the sun being very bright, I just started praying for clouds; I didn't care if they were rain clouds, I just wanted clouds... and as you can see, everything worked out perfectly!  I was kind of on cloud nine the whole day because of this.  Oh, and when the clouds parted for an exquisite sunset?  Yes, that was a happy moment too.


Cheers to the McFaddens WEDDING / part I

This wedding was kind of a dream.  The style of the wedding was (if i can be clique) "on point" and the way it was curated by close friends and family made the day all the more special.  Heather happens to be my amazing (graphic designer) cousin so it was it was exciting to see her and Matt's relationship unfold through endless family gatherings.... and let me just say now, Matt and Heather are basically a photographer's dream.  Not only are they gorgeous, but they are the kind of playful and laid-back couple that aren't afraid to show each other they care for one another with a camera in their face.  


photography website launch & GIVEAWAY!

If you follow my photography page on Facebook you may already know that last week I launched my website!  ...and if you didn't know, now you do!  I'm so excited to share it and feel so relieved that after many many months of designing it is complete. yay!  If you haven't already checked the website out, you can find it by clicking here!


Good Morning // Portraits of Kelsie pt. 2

Hello!  Today I am so excited to share the second part of the lovely shoot that I had with (the just as lovely) Kelsie.  If you are interested in seeing part one, check this post out.

ps. this dog came with the house... it was kind of a package deal.  Beautiful location and a dog model. win win! ;)


Good Morning // Portraits of Kelsie pt. I

Gosh, where do I begin?  This girl is one of the most wonderful people I have yet to meet, and I'm so glad I get to call her a close friend... who I just so happened to meet through blogging.  I won't go into all of the crazy details because you can find them over here (a very awkward and embarrassing video).  Last week this girl flew from NC to OH to spend two days with me and my family.  I can't imagine what kind of thoughts she had as she was up in the air, because... you know, I could have been a terrorist or something.  I was pretty confident that Kelsie was who I knew her to be, but when my brother-in-law jokingly said that Kelsie was probably a forty year old man with a camera around his neck with the nickname "Kel"... I somehow wasn't  sure any longer. ;)

It was weird how it wasn't weird to meet her; it felt just like seeing an old friend after many years... instead of what we actually were, strangers who had never met before.  The two days that Kelsie was here can easily be labeled as two of the best days of the summer.  This girl is pretty grand.  She is quiet with an underestimated sense of sarcasm.  She is an introvert, but the cool kind.  She likes food and traveling, which automatically makes us friends.  She's the mysterious type.  She's a go-with-the-flow kinda girl. Sweet, down to earth, honest, movie lover, photographer, traveler, northerner gone southerner, shortie (but still somehow a tad bit taller than me... which I don't like to admit), birks-wearer, and an all-around person that you want to be your friend.  

We have already established that we are future neighbors (she says she will come over and eat all my food creations... maybe she should be a distant neighbor?).  It's safe to say that she is the Ethel to my Lucy --- we are the chill version of the two though.  Oh, and we will at some point be traveling to Germany, rural France, England, and, if we never find the right guys, Ireland.

Kelsie and I had been planning this trip and what would occupy our time for most of 2015, which we determined needed to include at least two shoots (me photographing her, her photographing me).  We decided on this so that we would have free range to let our imaginations free and curate images that that truly represented our brands.  Planning the shoot of her was tough though.  Location?  Clothes?  Hair?  Makeup?  Props?  yadda yadda yadda.  You should know right now that when I do something big, I want to do it right.  So for this shoot I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and determine what I thought an ideal shoot would look like.  After realizing that I wanted the shoot to be simple, natural, and neutral, the outfit/hair/makeup/props fell into place.  The location on the other hand did not.  With only a few weeks until Kelsie's arrival, I still didn't have a particular location that screamed out at me.  Thankfully, at a recent engagement session (which you can find here), I saw cement pillars and was like "woah".  The whole atmosphere at their farm was perfect.  The open grassy field that reminded me of Pride and Prejudice and the front porch with beautiful pillars evoked just the right amount of s'wonderfulness. 

Okay, I will stop now.  So without farther ado, this is part one of our early morning shoot. 


#joandkelsiejo (a video)

If you have been stalking my Instagram and/or photography Facebook page, you have probably seen that I met a long time friend last week for the first time.  We decided we would take the plunge and make a video because, you know, we're not awkward enough...  so, here ya go.  I hope we make you laugh with our swagger talking abilities.